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Bare metal servers

The ultimate bare metal hardware

from $58.99/month

Fast internet

We can offer a 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps or even 40Gbps internet connection for each server.


Each server also has IP KVM (console) access and a web interface from which you can turn the machine on and off, set up RAID or install any OS

Quality servers

We only offer Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers to ur customers

We can help

If you have a problem, our specialists will help. With the premium bandwidth option, even custom BGP settings are possible. We also offer management services for all our servers.

Web control panel

Each dedicated server lease comes with a web control panel through which you can fully monitor and manage the machine.

You can turn on and off, reinstall the operating system, delete, use the IP KVM console, view traffic statistics, and more.
The possibilities are endless and so you can solve anything 24 hours a day without having to ask for help from customer service!
There is no guaranteed speed for the "basic" bandwidth option, this port can be up to the maximum depending on the current shared network load. If you pay for the "premium" bandwidth option, we guarantee that the full speed of the network port is always available in both foreign and domestic directions!

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